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Attributes of the Best OB/GYN Medical Billing Firms

OB refers to an obstetrician. A medical professional who takes care of new babies and their mothers is known as an obstetrician. GYN is the abbreviation of the term gynecologist. A gynecologist specializes in treating women who have reproductive parts diseases. Obstetricians and gynecologists find it challenging to balance between medical billing and medical care. If you are an obstetrician-gynecologist and you accept insurance payments, you need to hire a medical billing provider. The OB-GYN medical billing firm will file your claims and do the follow up as you serve patients. An OB-GYN should consider the following when looking for a medical billing company.

A certified medical billing company will ease your process of filing and following up on insurance companies. You should not hire an OB-GYN medical billing firm which has incompetent members of staff. Nowadays, medical coding has become more advanced hence it is a good idea to hire a billing company which is highly experienced. To have a qualified team, a medical billing company should not employ incompetent candidates. The best medical billing companies have many years of experience.

Before an OB-GYN hires a medical billing company, he/she should consider the level of accuracy. If possible, a medical billing company should be 100% accurate to avoid making the medical billing cycle long, claim denials and loss of revenue. An OB-GYN medical billing company can’t have a high accuracy rate if it upcodes and misspells names.

Aggressiveness is another feature of a competent provider of medical billing. A medical billing company should follow up with the insurance company until the gynecologist receives the amount in full. If the OB-GYN received a reduced amount, the medical billing company should rebill again. By making inquiries, you will be able to choose a medical billing firm which will ensure you are compensated.

The prices of the best medical billing firms are reasonable. A medical billing service provider should offer high-quality services at attractive prices. Since there are many companies which offer medical billing, an OB-GYN needs to consider the pricing structure. You should avoid hiring a medical billing company whose structure is bait-and-switch. An OB-GYN medical billing company with a bait-and-switch payment method will exploit you.

Lastly, a competent OB/GYN medical billing provider is supposed to have employees who are up-to-date with the medical billing process. The laws on medical billing change now and then, therefore, a medical billing company should update the staff members on the billing laws.

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